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| Published 28. 8. 2012. 14:37 | RSS

Apply for Online Courses in the New School Year

CARNet's educational centre invites you to apply for online courses with the support of an online mentor in the new 2012/2013 school/academic year.

We invite you to take part in a six-week online course "Development of online courses using Moodle" ( in order to learn how to create online courses in the Moodle system, or to take part in the five-week course "E-course for e-mentors" ( in order to acquire the skills of a good online mentor and learn how to conduct an online course. The courses are intended for teaching and scientific staff in schools and higher education institutions and are free of charge.

The online courses will be, as in the previous school/academic years, held in October, November, February, March and May, and attendants can enrol in one online course per month.

You can already apply for online courses starting 3 October and 7 November, and everyone interested can apply via the online form at Applications will close two days before the start of the online course, and everyone who applies has to register in the Moodle system in which the course will take place before the start of the course if she or he has not already registered earlier.

In order to apply for and take part in the online course, one needs an electronic identity in the of AAI@EduHr system, which each user can get in her or his own institution.