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| Published 20. 11. 2015. 15:41 | RSS

Meduza - a New Service for the Distribution of Multimedia Content

At its 17th CARNet Users Conference, CUC 2015, CARNet launched a new service – Meduza – intended for the distribution of multimedia content for educational and academic institutions and individual users of CARNet member institutions. 

The implementation of the platform for the distribution of multimedia content enables distance learning and equal access of all users from the workplace or from home at any time of day.

In the development of the platform, particular emphasis has been put on the needs of users who are located in areas of special state concern, hilly and mountainous areas and islands, which have poor territorial connections with regional centres. We have also taken into account the needs of teachers in schools and educational institutions in the defined areas. Also included were students and their parents, but also the wider community in order to standardise possibilities for the participation of all citizens of the Republic of Croatia in activities related to improving the quality of work conditions and lives.

The system was named Meduza (Medusa), derived from the Greek word medomai (μεδομαι) = "to plan", "to have an idea", "to find". We chose the name because we wanted to point out the efficiency of the future platform. We believe that Meduza will prove to be a valuable source of knowledge, information and educational content to our users.

The mobile application version of the system will be available for devices with an iOS platform from the beginning of December 2015, whereas the version for devices with Android platforms can already be downloaded.