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| Published 26. 10. 2012. 09:40 | RSS

Initial workshops – beginning of the Open Discovery Space (ODS) project in Croatia

On 29 October, in the 家kanje primary school in 家kanje (Karlovac County) and on 30 October 2012 in the Dr. Franjo Tu繜an primary school in Šarengrad (Vukovar Srijem County), initial workshops will be held, the first in a series of activities of the ODS project in Croatia. The workshops are organized by the Croatian Academic and Research Network – CARNet – with the support of the administrative department for education, culture, technical culture, sport and information of the Karlovac County and the administrative department for the education system, culture and sport of the Vukovar-Srijem County.

The initial workshops mark the beginning of activities of the ODS project in Croatia. The project officially began in April 2012 and will last three years. 51 partners from more than 20 countries will participate in the project, and one of them is CARNet. The primary objective of the project is to stimulate the adoption, exchange and use of existing digital course materials created thanks to national initiatives and EU funding. The ODS project is financed by the ICT Policy Support Programme (CIP ICT PSP) in the amount of almost EUR 16 million.

Through the project, a multi-lingual portal for e-learning will be created, allowing European, including Croatian, teachers to access education materials in dispersed repositories throughout Europe from one central point. Teachers will take part in the creation of educational activities and scenarios, which will be used to design the method of using existing materials.

The initial workshops in 家kanje and Šarengrad are of special significance for the ODS project because they raise awareness among the participants about the potential of the use of open education materials, but also function as a tool for testing the readiness of schools to use these materials in the everyday work of teachers and students, the so-called digital maturity of the school.

The goal of the initial ODS workshop is to raise awareness among the participants (parents, teachers, principals and decision makers) about the potential of open education materials in the context of stimulating open source based learning. The initial workshops will demonstrate, with respect to the participants of the workshop, at which development stage particular schools are when it comes to the application of technology in both education and general school management. According to these parameters, the digital maturity of schools will be tested.

CARNet, the national coordinator of ODS activities in Croatia, will encourage the use and creation of digital course materials with its participation in the project. Furthermore, CARNet will also encourage the need for the creation of open educational resources and promote the culture of using and developing these, which will contribute to the development of the Croatian digitally mature schools.

You can find out more about the project on its official website at or on the CARnet official website at You can also get any additional information by contacting