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| Published 11. 1. 2011. 11:15 | RSS

Applications for "Development of online courses using Moodle"

Applications for online course entitled "Development of online courses using Moodle" and held with the guidance of online mentor, beginning on 2ndFebruary 2011, have started. This course has been intended for teaching staff in primary and secondary schools, as well as in higher education institutions – CARNet members – who wish to design and create online courses in Moodle independently, in the area of their own choice and in conformity with the guidelines of instructional design.

All who are interested can apply by using their electronic identity in AAI@EduHr system at

The course will last six weeks, during which the attendants will learn how to create their online course within Moodle system, which will remain at their disposal for two months after the end of the course, but period of availability can be extended upon request.

Prior knowledge required for successful course attendance includes PC skills, advanced Internet search skills, advanced knowledge of some word-processing tools and basics of web design. Maximum number of attendant per group is 15, and in case that less than 8 persons apply, the course will be cancelled.

From this year, all other CARNet online courses, which were previously held with guidance of an online mentor, have been available only in the form of self-supported learning, and the users access them via the national distance-learning portal Nikola Tesla (, by using their electronic identity in AAI@EduHr system.