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| Published 22. 7. 2011. 09:57 | RSS

Fifteen years of the CARNet CERT

On this day (19 July), fifteen years ago, the CARNet CERT (Computer Emergency Response Team) was established within the Croatian Academic and Research Network - CARNet. The goal of the establishment of the CARNet CERT, as well as of CERT-s in other countries, was the collection of data on computer security incidents and their solution through a cooperation with competent institutions in the Republic of Croatia and raising society's awareness about the importance of computer security as a whole.

At that time, the CARNet CERT was the only centre for computer security in Croatia and carried out activities concerning Internet security, not only for all of its users, but for all users of the Internet in the Republic of Croatia. In addition to detecting and solving security incidents, the CARNet CERT collects and distributes security advice, recommends security tools, educates and informs users and institutions within the Croatian academic and research community. With the establishment of the CARNet CERT the academic community received a place of trust in the field of computer network and system security.

Over time the CARNet CERT has become a member of international organisations for Internet security such as FIRST (Forum of Incident Response and Security Teams) and TERENA (Trans-European Research and Education Networking Association). These organisations are well-known and recognised worldwide and through their joint cooperation with the CARNet CERT ensure a safer Internet not only in Croatia, but in the entire world.

On the basis of legal regulations, other CERT teams have been established as well, among which the most important are the CERT team of the Information Systems Security Bureau - for institutions from the state administration system of the Republic of Croatia and the National CERT - for all public information systems in the Republic of Croatia, except systems under the authority of the CARNet CERT and state administration bodies. This division has enabled the CARNet CERT to completely devote itself exclusively to its own users and institutions.