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| Published 2. 1. 2012. 10:27 | RSS

Launched online registration of free-of-charge .hr and domains

On 1st January 2012 Croatian Academic and Research Network - CARNet established online registration system of the free-of-charge .hr and domains. By introducing online registrations, the previous method of registration using paper forms has been completely abandoned, and the whole process for users has been significantly facilitated and accelerated.

The application through which the domains are registered is located within the new websites, which, as of 1st January, replaced the existing sites at the familiar address:

During the first two days of initiating online registrations, 110 free-of-charge .hr and domains were registered, which, considering the usual monthly average of approximately 400 registrations, is an important step forward in the development of the national domain space. The largest registration increase was experienced by domains intended for natural persons. There were as many as 36 registrations, which increased their total number to 1605.

The previously mentioned date marks the end of many years of cooperation with SRCE, University Computing Centre, or DNS service which has so far carried out the activities of registration and management of the .hr domains under the contract with CARNet.

We would like to use this opportunity to thank the University Computing Centre – SRCE for many years of successful cooperation, as well as all individuals whose generous work enabled the development of the Croatian domain space. Activities of the management of the top-level .hr domain have been taken over operationally solely by the CARNet .hr Domain Registry, by which CARNet once again confirmed its status as the institution dealing with the development of the most advanced information and communication infrastructure and the implementation and maintenance of central national Internet services.

User support is provided by the CARNet User Support Service which can be contacted by calling the freecall number 0800 CARNet (227638), sending e-mail to the address or calling via Skype - contact carnet_helpdesk.