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| Published 17. 7. 2012. 14:34 | RSS

ODS Summer School for Teachers

As part of the Open Discovery Space project, in which CARNet is one of the partners, the ODS Summer school for teachers was held from 1 to 7 July, on Crete, Greece. Through the Open Discovery Space project, an open multi-lingual educational infrastructure will be developed, based on social needs with the purpose of stimulating the use of e-learning resources.

Therefore, through the workshops at the summer school, emphasis was put on the development of skills of teachers to find educational materials on the Internet, organising curricula and managing their class. Emphasis was also put on the cooperation of teachers through the creation of teaching lessons and materials and by raising awareness about the need for and the usefulness of building a learning community.

Through many workshops, emphasis was also put on increasing the competence of teachers for the development of pupils' skills, especially stressing their problem-solving skills, on the collaboration among the students as well as the teachers and on developing the pupils' communication skills through the use of common open digital educational materials.

The workshops on Crete were preceded by the online part of the programme during which all attendants received access to the LMS (Learning Management System) with necessary instructions, templates and documents with good practice examples in the creation of teaching lessons. Through various activities, participants of the workshop received theoretical knowledge that they can apply through practical activities. Through the workshop activities, participants familiarised themselves with the concept of educational design and educational repository and had the opportunity to get acquainted with the preparation, publication and distribution of digital course materials, popular social software and web 2.0 tools and, finally, attendants got acquainted with good practice examples in the use of digital course materials in teaching.

Apart from the workshops, participants paid a visit to the Natural History Museum of Crete as well as the Skinakas Observatory on the Ida mountain

A the end of the summer school, the teachers, based on the recommendations of the supervisors of the particular sessions, created their own digital course materials and uploaded them to the existing LMS. Besides the workshops of the summer school, national coordinators, partners of the ODS project, participated in the working sessions of the project.