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| Published 16. 11. 2012. 15:41 | RSS

The first presentation of the 3D 4K technology in Croatia

Croatian Academic and Research Network – CARNet in cooperation with Poznan Supercomputing and Networking Center (PSNC) prepared a demonstration presenting advanced streaming and 3D 4K technologies required for transmission of ultra high-resolution multimedia streams. Croatian President H.E. Professor Ivo JosipoviŠ attended this event hosted by the CARNet CEO Mr. Zvonimir StaniŠ.

The event was organized as a part of INFO fair held in Zagreb, Croatia on November 15-17th. The presentation was dedicated to the development and use of 3D 4K technology in various fields of science, medicine, arts, entertainment and industry.

The main aim of the demonstration was to present the existing as well as future possibilities of streaming the 4K 3D technology, and its application in medicine and medical appliances in Croatia.

The 4K 3D equipment required to conduct the demonstration was provided and transported by PSNC in scope of the VISIONAIR project, the goal of which is to provide access to unique facilities offered by the project partners for the European scientific community. The entire stream was conducted via the GEANT network.

During the three days of presentations, CARNet in cooperation with Poliklinika Svjetlost also demonstrated the application of 3D technology in the field of eye-surgery and jaw-surgery.

CARNet, as a pioneer in usage of multimedia and streaming technologies in Croatia, once again positioned itself as a technology leader in the advanced usage of ICT in Croatia.