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| Published 13. 9. 2013. 08:46 | RSS

The Meeting of Representatives of the Croatian CERTs with ENISA Experts

Delegation with representatives of the Croatian national and government CERT (Computer Emergency Response Team) this week held a meeting with the representatives of ENISA (European Network and Information Security Agency) in Athens, Greece.

The goal of this meeting was to analyse the current situation regarding the security of computers and communications in the Republic of Croatia. Therefore, the meeting covered several subjects which are very important for the operation of national CERTs: cooperation with agencies responsible for law enforcement, participation in pan-European training regarding the computer security (performed by ENISA), as well as the reporting mechanisms regarding the wider security incidents (Article 13a). During the meeting, the biggest emphasis was put on interest and possibilities to train CERTs regarding the incident reporting.

“We are exceptionally pleased to see that specific steps are being performed in order to establish the close cooperation with CERTs from the Republic of Croatia, the new EU member, for the purpose of increasing the security in Europe, and also to further consolidate and expand the network of computing centres that care about security," Andrea Dufkova, expert from ENISA, pointed out after the meeting.

In the name of national CERT in CARNet, Mr. Darko Perhoè, head of national CERT, participated at the meeting.