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| Published 15. 4. 2013. 09:06 | RSS

National Information Admission System for Secondary Schools –

On 15th April 2013, the Ministry of Science, Education and Sports has launched a web site entitled, which also marks the official start of e-enrolment in secondary schools. The e-enrolment project, which will make enrolment simpler, more transparent and more effective, was presented by the Minister, Vedran Mornar, Ph.D., Project Manager, Zvonimir Stanić, CARNet Chief Executive Officer, and Ankica Nježić, Assistant Minister.

In the first operating phase of the National Information Admission System for Secondary Schools (NIASSS), the students will be able to check their electronic identity, personal information and grades.

A brochure entitled "Admission to Secondary Schools for the School Year 2013/2014", containing all information relevant to students and their parents, was also presented.

You can find more info on admission at website, and the brochure can be downloaded from

Decision on elements and criteria regarding the admission of candidates to secondary schools for the school year 2013/2014 can be found here.