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| Published 14. 3. 2014. 12:22 | RSS

New CARNet activity in the ACDC project

After a month of intensive cooperation and preliminary experiments, CARNet was chosen as the partner to lead the experiment related to the analysis of spam messages on Wednesday, March 12 2014 at the proposal of INTECO (Spanish National Institute of Communication Technologies).

As the leader of the WP3 working package related to experiments in the ACDC project, INTECO selected CARNet as an equal partner in conducting experiments and analysing spam messages and gave CARNet the role of the coordinator for the activities of all partners involved in the experiment with spam messages. Additionally, CARNet will be involved in the design of said experiments.

It should be pointed out that spam is a possible carrier of viruses hidden in the attachments of e-mails, so it is necessary to use certain methods to scan the contents of each and every spam message. In addition to scanning attachments, all links will be analysed to prevent them from taking users to dangerous websites where their computers could get infected.

The mentioned activities by CARNet will be finalized by the summer of 2015, i.e. the end of the ACDC project.