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| Published 2. 4. 2014. 12:31 | RSS

New Videoconference Service - Polycom Realpresence Apps

With the aim of offering quality videoconference services to the educational and academic community for the purpose of their everyday long-distance communication, the Croatian Academic and Research Network - CARNet has provided two new apps to its users ― Polycom Realpresence Desktop and Polycom Realpresence Mobile.

Both apps guarantee highest quality in participating on meetings virtually, holding presentations as well as distance learning. By installing and using the Polycom Realpresence Desktop or Polycom Realpresence Mobile app on a personal computer or a mobile device (tablet or smartphone), regardless of your location but with a broadband connection, you acquire all the preconditions necessary for a high-quality realisation of your videoconference.

Computer and mobile videoconferences are designed for all CARNet users who wish to engage in a face-to-face communication with their colleagues and coworkers and in a simple way utilise all the possibilities inherent to modern videoconferences, with a high quality of picture, sound and data exchange (screen captures and documents).

The service is temporary available. Upon successful registration, the user is provided with an e.164 code used for connecting to the h.323 videoconferencing compatible systems. The users may share their provisional e.164 numbers with others as their contact number, and they will also have access to a videoconferencing user directory. Upon successful registration, the service will be available for use for the following 7 days, after which it will be rendered inactive, due to limited resources and system licences.

Integrated or external webcams are recommended for high-quality videoconferences, and, in case the audio feed is to be used, we recommend using an external headset so as to hinder possible microphonism. If the user does not own a headset, it is important to adjust the system in the Echo Cancellation mode. It makes for good practice to perform a tech rehearsal and test calls a day or two before the actual videoconference, in order to avoid potential problems that might appear when videoconferencing.

The users may install the app on two devices max, one being a mobile device (smartphone or tablet), the other a personal computer or a notebook. The app may be installed on more than two devices only with a previous approval of CARNet.

The new system is available at, and, in case of any additional inquiries, you are free to contact us at the e-mail address