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| Published 15. 9. 2014. 12:52 | RSS

Renovated elementary school in Gunja opens the Classroom of the Future

After the Kamešnica Elementary School in Otok, the 9th Gymnasium in Zagreb, the Fran GaloviŠ High School in Koprivnica and the 2nd Elementary School in Bjelovar, the Stjepan RadiŠ Elementary School in Gunja is the next school to join the Classrooms of the Future project.

Following the completion of comprehensive renovation after this year's floods, this school is the fifth to open a Classroom of the Future, which enables interactive learning supported by the latest information technologies for its 350 students and for the 70 students who attend the regional school in Rajevo Selo. The presentation of the classroom also revealed that the CARNet and Samsung Electronics' joint project, supported by the Ministry of Science, Education and Sports, is to successfully continue and lay the foundations for school year 2014/2015.

''It is with great joy and gratitude for our excellent cooperation, as well as for their arrival today, that I welcome our Minister Mr Vedran Mornar and my valued co-workers - friends, even - the members of CARNet, our esteemed guests, representatives of the companies which recognized our needs and also, I believe, recognized in us the potential which can contribute to the advancement of work with modern tools for the implementation of e-learning. It is difficult to enumerate all the companies and say what they have done for us, but I just want to say that it is truly beautiful that the entire Croatia and beyond united in order to help us, which was extremely necessary in the days following the flood.

Of course, this donation has considerable material value, but I believe it is also important to note that these tools will ensure that my students have the same - or bigger - chances for achieving progress and education, even with respect to more developed milieus.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone once again and to invite you to take a brief walk through the school in order to see what it looks like in its renovated condition.

This classroom and the school's computer and communication network represent the very best in an educational institution's equipment, and it is up to us to put them to good use and to educate our children so that they can face the challenges of the 21st century'', said professor Stipica Mišura, headmaster of the Gunja Elementary School.

"We are very happy that 310 pupils have returned to the elementary school in Gunja. Owing to exceptional efforts on the part of the headmaster, the teachers and their partners, especially CARNet and Samsung, who joined the renovation process in good time, the school now has a new Classroom of the Future. 'Now the students of the Antun and Stjepan RadiŠ Elementary School will use the latest educational technologies from the very moment the school bell rings in the new school year.'', said Professor Vedran Mornar, PhD, the Minister of Science, Education and Sports.

The Classroom of the Future in the Antun and Stjepan RadiŠ Elementary School in Gunja is also equipped with a teacher's tablet, 30 student tablets and an interactive whiteboard, which enables interactive knowledge sharing. The system is primarily intended for pupils in the higher grades of elementary school and for high-school students. The teachers are able to momentarily distribute accompanying information and lesson notes and gain instantaneous insight into the individual student's grasp of a particular lesson.  They can distribute content via the smart, interactive whiteboard, and send it to students' tablets in just a couple of ''clicks''. Students and teachers can make notes during lessons, underline key information or draw, both on the tablets and on the interactive whiteboard. Teachers can use short knowledge quizzes, questionnaires and discussions to quickly check whether the students understand the lesson.

''It is beautiful to be CARNet's CEO on this day. The opening of a Classroom of the Future in the Antun and Stjepan RadiŠ Elementary School in Gunja is the result of three months' worth of effort and dedication on the part of the whole CARNet employee team, Samsung, our partners and donors and the school, who worked to ensure that classes start in time this fall - in a renovated school.

The floods completely destroyed the school's entire computer and communication equipment, as well as a large part of the school itself.

At my employees' initiative, we inspected the school and decided to help as best as we could - by lending our work, equipment and training, as well in every other possible way, in order for the school to be renovated in time for the beginning of the school year. Numerous partners were unselfish in joining this initiative; we worked on weekends as well, so that today we can proudly show the results of our work to the whole Croatian public.

Together with the Classroom of the Future, the remaining equipment set up at the school will ensure that the students get an education of the 21st century.'', pointed out CARNet CEO Zvonimir StaniŠ.

After the flood, the school's entire computer and communication system was rebuilt owing to donations by the Croatian Academic and Research Network - CARNet and its partners, which is why the elementary school is Gunja is starting the new school year as one of the most modern elementary schools in the Republic of Croatia. After undergoing a thorough reconstruction, the school in Gunja was also equipped with 16 projectors, a wire and wireless computer network, a multimedia communication system and different survey sensors, all through donations by local IT companies.

Additionally, the goal of applying for the Croatian Regulatory Authority for Network Industries' Aid Scheme is to ensure the renovation of equipment for the computer classroom and the assembly hall, including tablets for the school's 50 teachers, along with the e-Class Register system, which will undoubtedly help raise the quality of teaching to an even higher level.