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CARNet at the TERENA Networking Conference 2014 in Dublin

Representatives of CARNet traditionally take part in the international conference organized by TERENA - Trans-European Research and Education Networking Association.  This year's conference was held in Dublin in the Republic of Ireland on May 19 to 22, bringing together more than 650 participants, three of which were representatives of CARNet who actively participated in the conference with presentations, papers and posters.
CARNet in European clouds
When the GÉANT3plus project, the fourth in a series of highly successful projects on the collaboration of network technologies funded by the European Union, started in April 2013, innovation was a new activity in the field of cloud computing technology. CARNet has readily accepted cooperation in this field and taken one of the key roles in negotiation with providers of commercial services based on cloud computing.
A very well-received presentation and panel discussion on the successes of GÉANT's cloud computing team in their first year of operation was held at the conference.  A notable part of the lecture was also the presentation of Branko RadivojeviŠ, Deputy CEO for Computing and Data Infrastructure, who introduced, in a very simple way, the work of his team in negotiations with large providers of cloud computing services and forms of cooperation with them.
Consolidation of demand at the level of the entire Europe (a total of 40 NRENs in Europe, 10,000 institutions and 50 million end-users) for the services of cloud computing has resulted in favourable terms of purchase that are difficult to implement when negotiating at the level of individual states only.  This approach is far simpler for service providers, who can now benefit from unified demand for services in one place, rather than catering to particular countries' demand.
It is planned that the activities of cloud computing will continue in the second year of the GÉANT3plus project, but also in the future GÉANT4 project which will last until 2020. CARNet is willing to continue to maintain a key role in this project.
Network technologies
Ivana Golub, Deputy CEO for Network Infrastructure at CARNet, is the co-author of a well-received work in the section "Bandwidth on deathbed?" on the subject of software development in a multi-domain environment. The work focused on three main themes - software development in academic networks, and what makes it unique, what drives successful software development and what lessons can be learned from it.  A poster was presented on the topic of the new perfSONAR, a joint project by the partners GÉANT, Internet2, Indiana University and ESnet.
The GÉANT3plus project, in which CARNet is actively involved with 17 of its employees in several workgroups, was also actively represented at the conference.
The subject of Open Cloud Exchange (OCX) was represented by Damir Regvart from the department of network infrastructure, who actively works within the GÉANT3plus JRA 1 (Joint Research Activity) workgroups. OCX is proposed to bridge the gap between the two main components of infrastructure for provision of cloud services - Cloud Service Provider (CSP) infrastructure and Cloud Service Delivery infrastructure. A poster on the same subject was presented in a separate part of the conference, and a demo was organised for all interested parties.
CARNet has been an active member of TERENA since 1993, the Trans-European Research and Education Networking Association, which brings together more than 30 European countries with the aim of providing a platform for the development of information and network infrastructure within the European academic and research community, and the employees of CARNet participate in a number of different experts and work groups and organizations.