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| Published 8. 9. 2014. 13:19 | RSS

Classroom of the Future opened in the 2nd Elementary School Bjelovar

The Classrooms of the Future project in Croatia continues in the new school year 2014/2015. After Kamešnica Elementary School in Otok, the 9th Gymnasium in Zagreb and the Fran Galović High School in Koprivnica, a Classroom of the Future was opened in the 2nd Elementary School Bjelovar.

The classroom is equipped with the latest information technology which will enable interactive learning and knowledge sharing for the school's 700 students. On the occasion of its opening, the Classroom of the Future in the 2nd Elementary School Bjelovar, a joint project of CARNet and the Samsung Electronics Adriatic company, with the support of the Ministry of Science, Education and Sport, was declared to represent a continuation of investment in the educational system.

''This is the largest donation that the school has received in its almost 240 years of existence, owing to an excellent cooperation with CARNet and Samsung. The donation represents a considerable investment in the quality of teaching and the use of information technologies as learning-assistance tools. Considering that we have already been recognized as a distributor of knowledge and understanding of new technologies, I am convinced that the implementation of this Classroom of the Future shall mark the beginning of new achievements of our students and teachers. I would like to thank once more our associates from CARNet and Samsung who recognised the previous efforts of the 2nd Elementary School Bjelovar and its students and teachers.", said professor Davorka Bačeković-Mitrović, the school principal.

The Classroom of the Future in the 2nd Elementary School Bjelovar is equipped with a teacher's computer, tablets and an interactive whiteboard, all of which will enable the interactive exchange of knowledge for all students. The teachers will be able to quickly distribute accompanying information and lesson notes and they will have momentary insight into the students' understanding of a particular lesson. They can use the interactive whiteboard to distribute the materials for a particular lesson, which can be sent to student tablets in a few ''clicks''.

Students and teachers can take lecture notes, underline key information or draw, both on the tablets and on the interactive whiteboard. Teachers can quickly check whether the students understand the lecture using short quizzes, questionnaires and discussions.

"We are exceptionally happy to have the opportunity to open a new Classroom of the Future in cooperation with Samsung in the 2nd Elementary School Bjelovar. This school, as well as the teachers who work in it, has proved itself to be exceptionally advanced in many areas, from the introduction of innovative courses to the variety of extracurricular activities it offers, and it also recognises the importance of the introduction and application of technology in the educational process.

The concept of the Classroom of the Future includes the use of advanced technologies for interactive teaching, during which students can share course activities between themselves or with their teachers, check their knowledge through tests, search for information online and participate in activities which encourage research and critical thinking. Today, on the first day of school, the 2nd Elementary School Bjelovar has officially become a school of the future, which ensures that its students get an education fit for the 21st century.

CARNet and Samsung will not stop at this, because we are opening another Classroom of the Future as soon as next Monday in the elementary school in Gunja, the school which was most severely damaged in the recent floods in Slavonija. CARNet is going to use a series of its projects, from E-islands, Schools 2.0 to the Classrooms of the Future, to continue its work on the digital enhancement of the educational system in the Republic of Croatia, following the latest global trends.'', pointed out Zvonimir Stanić, CEO of the Croatian Academic and Research Network CARNet.

On the occasion of the opening of the Classroom of the Future in Bjelovar, a video-conference was used to connect it to the Classrooms of the Future in the 9th Gymnasium in Zagreb and the Fran Galović High School in Koprivnica, which have already implemented these educational solutions in their curriculum.