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| Published 17. 12. 2014. 11:36 | RSS

Vendor-Neutral Testing of Wi-Fi Technologies Performed in CARNet

Croatian Academic and Research Network - CARNet and the company Micro-Link have launched the initiative for vendor-neutral neutral testing of Wi-Fi technologies and their boundary capabilities in providing reliable network connection for numerous client devices in CARNet projects situated in a challenging environment.

The objective is to prepare the overall analysis including availability, accessibility, reliability, scalability, ease of use, security, and other features of importance for CARNet projects.

Schools have been introducing modern technologies intensively. They include virtual classrooms and distance teaching, electronic knowledge assessment systems for school children and students, interactive boards, software solutions for management of computer-based classrooms and tools to create online e-learning contents, to mention a few.

Current CARNet projects for primary and secondary schools, such as the e-Class Register, Classrooms of the Future, e-Schools and other online teaching initiatives, are all faced with infrastructure challenges. Tablet devices, smartphone devices, laptop computers, interactive boards and other similar solutions require wireless network access, and this is not a simple task for Wi-Fi.

Many current trends affect the functionality of Wi-Fi networks, such as the Internet of things, wearables, location based services, BYOD and the growing need for capacity, so one of the objectives is to find a method for everything to function in the school environment considering the impact of trends on our networks.

The objective of this initiative, i.e. the Wi-Fi stress test, is to become acquainted with the technologies of many different vendors, the Wi-Fi technological innovations which can respond to challenges in our present school environment and help schools to provide, through their future investments, fast and reliable Wi-Fi access within their institutions for the purposes of all client devices, laptop computers and tablet devices for teachers and students, as well as numerous smartphone devices used by students in educational institutions to access the Internet.

Tests are being performed in CARNet from 15 December to 21 December 2014, and several dozens of access points from different manufacturers are being tested: Aerohive Networks, Aruba Networks, Cisco, HP, Mikrotik, Ruckus Wireless, TP-link, Ubiquiti and Xirrus. Testing was also attended by guests from America, Germany, South Africa, Slovenia, England and other countries, all of them being globally recognised wireless networking experts. The first vendor-neutral Wi-Fi test like this one was held a year ago in America by the Wireless LAN Professionals Institute.