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| Published 14. 11. 2014. 12:52 | RSS

CARNet Held Second Mass Open Online Course

After six weeks of online education, the second group of CARNet Moodle MOOC, CARNet's mass online course, ended successfully for more than 440 registered attendants. The course had been open to all interested users from Croatia and the region, as well as to teaching and non-teaching staff.

During the course, attendants became familiar with basic features of Moodle, shared their experiences and, upon its completion, rated the course as useful, interesting and stimulating for future work. Although the course was geared towards less experienced users, even the more experienced ones have accepted the course as a place of virtual meetings, new ideas and specific advice for people who would like to familiarise themselves with Moodle.

Considering that the course was a success, it will be held in the following year as well. Two groups are planned for the course, and the first group is to be held in spring 2015.

During the course, attendants were allowed to choose the activities to complete and based on this they were able to obtain one of the three provided badges: Attendant, Designer or Distinguished Attendant. The largest number of attendants obtained the Attendant badge, more specifically one hundred and three of them, while more than sixty attendants obtained the Designer badge. All conditions to obtain Distinguished Attendant badge were fulfilled by approximately fifty attendants. Obtaining a badge additionally encouraged the attendants to become involved in activities, and 32 of them managed to obtain all three badges. People who registered purely out of curiosity were also able to equally participate in the course, and their goal was to gain experience from mass online course participation.

A specific feature of this course is mutual rating of attendants during the process of creating their own demo course. The course contains various activities and resources from which the attendants can additionally learn. Mentor participation was minimal to encourage the interaction between attendants and better connection between Moodle users in the region.

As in the first course group, the typical attendant was female, teacher in primary or secondary school in Croatia or the region, with more than ten years of teaching experience. A significantly lower number of users came from higher education institutions and commercial companies. Not only attendants from Croatia, but also from Serbia, Slovenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Montenegro participated in this course and shared their experiences. Some of the attendants also participated at the first course group, and applied for the second one with great interest. This proves that one can always learn something new about Moodle and find out more about the activities of his or her colleagues in the region.

Through communication on forums and a questionnaire about the course, useful feedback was obtained from attendants, which will be used to further improve the course.

More information about the course can be found at: