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| Published 27. 1. 2015. 15:52 | RSS

Twelve new titles in CARNet's eduBookstore

Since January 2015, all textbooks and manuals of the school curriculum entitled "Safety of children online" are available in eduBookstore – CARNet's educational library. Textbooks and manuals are available free of charge for download in PDF format.

The textbooks and manuals were created as part of the Pet za net (engl. High five for safer web) project out of the need to present, in acceptable and attractive way, the dangers awaiting school children online, and to enable them to defend themselves against those dangers. Textbooks present twenty topics dealing with different areas of use of computers, mobile devices and the Internet – information, communication, content creation, safety and problem solving. 

All those who are interested can find the materials on Bookvica eduBookstore under "Ostali sadržaji".