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| Published 23. 2. 2015. 15:07 | RSS

First Year of AMORES Project

The AMORES project has been implemented for already a year. The first year was very dynamic and all the activities were subordinated to the main goal – encouraging the children's love of reading through digital creativity and cooperation.

In March 2014, a workshop for teachers included in the project was held in the United Kingdom and the teachers began with the preparation of the AMORES methodology. At the beginning of summer, the teachers also attended a six-week online course during which they had the opportunity to try out different interactive ICT tools. These tools will be used by their pupils for the production of e-artefacts, as well as for sharing the e-artefacts with pupils from other countries.  

In September 2014, workshops for parents were launched with the aim of introducing to the parents the idea of the project and the tools which will be used in it, while the teachers and the pupils began with the application of the AMORES methodology in literature classes.

During the year, two meetings of partner organisations were also held – one in Greece and another in Denmark – as well as three teacher videoconferences, with the aim of agreeing on the details of the application of the methodology in classes.

These are just a few of the activities in which the project participants were involved during the first twelve months of the previous year. We invite you to examine the project results on our website, especially the documents D2.6 (Course for teachers on interactive ICT tools in teaching national and European literature) and D2.7 (AMORES teaching methodology). For now, the course for teachers is available only in English, but the Croatian version will be available soon.