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| Published 17. 2. 2015. 15:19 | RSS

ACDC Workshop for Representatives of Critical Infrastructure in the Republic of Croatia

On Tuesday, 17 February 2015, a presentation was held at the CARNet headquarters about the EU project of the Advanced Cyber Defence Centre (ACDC) and the National CERT, with the aim of informing the representatives of critical information and communication infrastructure about all the aspects of the project and the activities of the National CERT.

It is a project whose Croatian representative is the National CERT and in which a total of 28 partners from 14 European countries are participating. The project goal is to establish a European Union platform for combating malware used to set up botnets which present a big Internet safety issue.

The National CERT, established in accordance with the Information Security Act and responsible for coordination during computer safety incidents in the web space of the Republic of Croatia, has prepared a presentation of the mentioned project, having in mind that the safety of IT and process infrastructure is an exceptionally important business segment in the activities performed by companies which are holders of critical computer infrastructure.

In addition to obtaining general information about the ACDC project and participating in the presentation of the National Support Centre and the services and tools available for use as part of its activities, the participants of the presentation also had the opportunity to obtain information about examples of computer safety attacks on internal networks and industrial facilities.

The presentation was attended by representatives of numerous companies, such as the Croatian Air Traffic Control, Croatia Airlines, Plinacro, Jadranski naftovod, Croatian Railways and Mešimurske vode.

More information about the project is available at, and