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| Published 7. 10. 2014. 16:39 | RSS

ISE workshop on Web 2.0 tools and the WordPress CMS

The end of the summer holidays was the right time for the Croatian Academic and Research Network - CARNet to organize two workshops for elementary and high school teachers within the Inspiring Science Education (ISE) project.

Therefore, the workshop ''Programs and Web 2.0 Tools'' was held on 28 August in the ŠeŠerana Elementary School. The five-hour workshop provided over 40 teachers with the opportunity to create mental maps via the Mindomo tool, posters via LinoIt or Padlet, presentations via Buncee or animations via Wideo. The workshop was accompanied by an open Loomen course which can be used as a reminder for everything that was learned in the course of the workshop.

Soon afterwards, over 20 teachers participated in the workshop ''Website Production with the WordPress CMS'', held at CARNet's headquarters in Zagreb on 12 September. As is apparent from the title of the workshop, the participants had a chance to familiarise themselves with the WordPress CMS - they learned how to publish content and multimedia on their own website, after developing it according to their preferences by choosing various accessible themes and add-ons.

The workshop "E-Teacher - Contemporary Teaching with the Aid of Technology" - is scheduled to be held in September and October, as well as the finale of the Make a MOVE competition, which will be held as a special event within the CARNet Users Conference - CUC 2014.