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| Published 30. 9. 2010. 10:33 | RSS

Local Internet Registry Training Course

On Friday, 29th October 2010, from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., at CARNet premises in Zagreb, experts from RIPE NCC (Réseaux IP Européens Network Coordination Centre) will hold a course entitled "Local Internet Registry Training Course".

The course will present basic knowledge to Internet service providers so as to enable them to manage allocated resources, i.e. to perform the tasks of local Internet registries. RIPE NCC regularly maintains these and similar courses in many European countries.

RIPE ( is one of 5 regional Internet registries ensuring allocation of Internet resources (IP addresses, AS numbers), registration of resource allocation, and coordination of activities which ensure global functioning of the Internet.

More information about the course can be found at