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| Published 29. 10. 2010. 10:42 | RSS

Elementary School Principals Conference

From 25th to 27th October 2010 in Dubrovnik, organised by the Croatian Association of Elementary School Principals (HUROŠ), a Conference was held for all elementary school principals in the Republic of Croatia.

The Conference was attended by about six hundred principals, but also their guests from the Croatian Parliament, the Ministry of Science, Education and Sports, the Education and Teacher Training Agency, CARNet, National Centre for External Evaluation of Education, and representatives of local self-government.

This was the first opportunity, apart from a lecture on the National Curriculum and models of professional training, to presents CARNet through its ICT Edu project, which is now being implemented in schools.

The participants had the opportunity to hear other interesting lectures, which included "Principal Self-Evaluation", "Education and Excellence", "Why is Everything Principal's Fault" and "Why do we Need Education for Media".

For school principals, HUROŠ members, a Regular Annual Reporting Meeting was organised, presided by prof. Nikica Mihaljeviĉ, president of HUROŠ).