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| Published 10. 11. 2010. 10:53 | RSS

Beginning of the longest and the most important ICT Edu project phase

On 8thOctober 2010, the seventh ICT Edu project phase started, the longest and the most important phase in the project. After agreeing the time schedule with school principals, the educators will start with the first module, in the duration of 220 minutes, to educate all teachers, lecturers, expert associates and principals of primary and secondary schools.

In this phase, the educators will teach the following contents:

  • Electronic identity in AAI@EduHr system
  • Internet safety
  • e-mail communication (CARNet webmail)
  • School portal.

In this school year, 2450 workshops will be organised in all our schools, and the same number will be held the next school year. Participants of the education will receive certificates after the principals (based on the instructions) send filled out forms about the education being held.

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