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Winners of Webfestival 2010 pronounced

Winners of Webfestival 2010, a web contents competition and an accompanying event of CARNet Users Conference, the goal of which was to promote Croatian web space and quality online contents in Croatian language, were pronounced.

Previous Webfestivals dealt with a series of topics, from portals and websites of general contents, blogs and wikis to web accessibility, whereas Webfestival 2010 concentrated on papers of authors of online courses who used one of the most widespread open-code learning management system – Moodle.

28 courses participated in the competition. According to the expert panel of judges of Webfestival 2010, the following courses were marked on this year's competition by their innovative application of Moodle in teaching quality improvement:

  • Small geographic laboratory (junior category),
  • From the idea to film (cadet category),
  • Financial mathematics (senior category),
  • Chemistry 8 (for the best application of multimedia in education) and
  • Computer-assisted drawing (for the best application of Moodle).

In addition to these awards, the panel of judges gave a special acknowledgement to the course entitled Professional challenges in ballet.

Valuable prizes for this year's winners were provided, among others, by Hewlett-Packard Croatia.

Prize awards ceremony will take place on 16thNovember 2010, from 9.20 a.m. to 10.00 a.m., in A1 hall at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering and Naval Architecture

The awards ceremony will be preceded by a presentation entitled "Moodle 2.0 localization to Croatian language" by Ivana Bosnić and Jasmin Klindžić from the Croatian Society for Open Systems and Internet – HrOpen, in the same hall, with the start at 9.00 a.m.

More information about the winners, the prizes they were given and the award ceremony itself can be found on the official website.