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| Published 13. 11. 2010. 11:03 | RSS

CARNet joins the EU-funded Lifelong Learning Programme

Although individuals from Croatia could already apply for study visits in foreign countries, a contest for organisation of study visits within the Lifelong Learning Programme funded by the EU was the first in which institutions or organisations in Croatia were offered a possibility to organise study visits for participants from EU countries.

These days, CARNet's application was accepted, so CARNet will have a chance in October 2011 to be a host to a group of participants from EU member states involved in the Lifelong Learning Programme, from among leaders of educational institutions or their departments, professors, teachers, researchers and representatives of educational organisations, as well as local, regional and state authorities. In this way, CARNet will become the first institution in Croatia at which such study visit will be held.

The goal of this study visit is to show good practice examples of cooperation among educational institutions, from primary and secondary school institutions to academic and commercial institutions, with accent on innovative application of information communication technologies, for the purpose of improvement of inter-institutional cooperation. This study visit matches the CARNet mission and work, which, through the application of ICT, encourages and systematically develops cooperation among educational institutions, in the region and abroad. Participants of this study visit will see the real good practice examples of inter-institutional cooperation, which raise the quality and effectiveness of educational process and key competences, and will have the opportunity to compare them with their own contexts.

More information about applications for the study visit can be found at the web site of the Agency for Mobility and EU Programmes: