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| Published 23. 11. 2010. 11:08 | RSS

Launching another IPv6 connection

On 22ndNovember 2010, via the Croatian national centre for exchange of Internet traffic - CIX (Croatian Internet eXchange), CARNet launched another IPv6 network, this time with Optima Telekom. It is the third connection of that type, and the first IPv6 connection was established between CARNet and Iskon on 18thFebruary this year.

CARNet introduced protocol IPv6 to its network in 2003 by establishing a clean IPv6 network, logically separated from IPv4 network. Relaunching of the project of introduction of protocol IPv6 in the CARNet network in 2008 resulted with IPv6 now being equally present and integral to CARNet network core and at disposal to all member institutions which apply for addressing space and its activation.

In order to spread the idea of expansion and promotion of protocol IPv6 as much as possible to all Croatian Internet networks, thus preparing Croatia for the future, with the support of its member institutions, CARNet actively negotiates with Internet service providers with which it cooperates by connecting member institution and providing access to individual users.