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| Published 24. 11. 2010. 11:10 | RSS portal

The new CARNet portal,, has been published at is the central point for access to CARNet services which are available through the use of electronic identity in AAI@EduHr system.

By logging on to this portal, users can access all services that they have the right to use, without a need to log on many times at different locations. Upon entry of the AAI user account in the application form, the user will be provided access to all services on the portal through the SingleSignOn mechanism. Equally, by logging out from any service, the user will be logged out from all services to which he was logged on through the SSO (SingleLogout). portal currently offers access to the following educational services:

  • "Nikola Tesla" National Distance Learning Portal
  • CUC 2010 User Conference
  • Moodle
  • portal
  • e-library
  • Textbook Exchange
  • School forum
  • CARNet web
  • School portal
  • Školska učilica online educational quiz
  • online encyclopaedia
  • eLektire
  • Adobe Connect Pro
  • Prometna učilica traffic learning program
  • Media on Demand
  • Webmail
  • Radio on Demand
  • Timetable

Green colour on the school portal denotes available services. A part of the services is available to everyone, without logging on, and after the log-on, the user can access all services available depending on the user group.

Next to the name of each service is a short description, as well as a video presentation of the service.