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| Published 20. 1. 2011. 11:21 | RSS

School FameLab

British Council, in cooperation with the Education and Teacher Training Agency and CARNet, has published on 20thJanuary 2011 a competition for high school students in presentation of scientific topics from high school course materials. The competition format was adopted from the popular and successful FameLab which made Croatian students and scientists famous on one of the previous international competitions in Great Britain.

The idea is that the students pick a theme of their own choice and present it in a concise, clear, interesting and age-appropriate way. Students have to apply their video presentation to the competition, and ten most successful – based on the votes of the professional jury and the visitors of the School Portal – will enter the finals on which the winner will be pronounced.

Deadline for application of the presentations is 22ndFebruary 2011, and the School FameLab finals will be held on 24thMarch 2011 in Zagreb.

Detailed rules of the competition, the method of assessing the presentations and the timetable can be found at the Schools Portal website

The goal of the competition is to encourage students and teachers to approach learning creatively and to present high school course materials from the fields of natural and technical sciences. This competition also aims to popularise natural and technical sciences among students, parents and the public in general.