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| Published 25. 3. 2011. 09:14 | RSS

New CARNet service - sys.backup

In order to contribute to the quality and security of computer systems, as well as providing additional support to CARNet system engineers in their daily duties, CARNet has developed a new service that allows you to perform remote and secure data backup.

The service called sys.backup provides all higher education institutions several advantages related to the backup. Now, instead of the daily change of tapes and the risk of many accidents, it is possible to easily and safely create a backup data storage.

The system is easily adjusted by the installation of the software package CARNet Bacula-cn. The content of all stored files is encrypted using the PKI, and all data are on a secure remote location. In order to prevent network congestion, storage of your data is operated through an existing connection to the CARNet network during night.

To find more information about the service please visit