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| Published 13. 5. 2011. 13:39 | RSS

CARNet started a blog called

Croatian Academic and Research Network - CARNet is starting a blog on e-learning, which will be available at The blog is intended primarily for teachers in primary and secondary schools and for scientific teaching staff in higher-education institutions, who use, or would like to use, information communication technology for improvement of their classes. The blog is also intended for CARNet staff and partners, students, pupils and wider interested public.

Authors of the blogs work daily on application of ICT in teaching, and come into contact with numerous practitioners, including university professors, teachers and other educators from Croatia and abroad. Since they cannot share their experience and knowledge with interested users on their regular jobs, the authors decided to do it on this blog.

At this moment, the blog has several pages: home page with new announcements, e-learning, Moodle 2.0, About us and Glog with us, but there will be more in the future, in keeping with fast changes in the field of educational technologies.

Besides reading new announcements, the users will also be able to see the results of, but also to experience, the application of new tools. Currently, those are tools for creation of comics and glogs. 

The blog will also provide the authors with a possibility to communicate with the users more directly – through commentaries, but also through the Glog with us page on which the readers will share their experiences, ideas, questions, useful links, suggestions etc.

The blog authors invite CARNet users and other interested public to read the blog and exchange their ideas!