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| Published 23. 5. 2011. 13:44 | RSS

Applications for Webfestival 2011 have opened

On 23rd May 2011, applications have opened for Webfestival 2011, a website competition traditionally held as part of the CARNet Users Conference – CUC. All who are interested in joining the competition can apply by filling out an online application form at

This year, the Webfestival 2011, a competition of authors and users of the Internet contents, will be focussed on the topic of application of networks and social software tools in education, both formal and non-formal, but also informal education in which learning takes place in a context which is normally not educational.

This year's topic of the Webfestival 2011 intends to prompt as many authors as possible to create educational contents and perform educational activities by using networks and/or social software tools for innovative and modern learning and teaching, and the users of networks and social software tools to become aware of the importance of safety and protection of privacy.

Applications for the competition will be divided in two categories, depending on the type of education to which the applied educational content and/or activity refers, and the category will then dictate the method of the assessment.

In the category entitled Friends around the desk, the applied educational contents and/or activities will be assessed by an expert panel of judges, and valuable prizes will be awarded to the best three achievements.
In the category entitled Surf and learn, the audience will vote and decide a winner who will also be awarded a prize.

Applications for the competition will be open by 23rd September, and the winners will be pronounced at the end of October. Authors of the best educational contents and/or activities will receive their awards at the CARNet Users Conference – CUC, which will be held from 14th to 16th November 2011 in Rijeka.

More information about the applications and the competition criteria, and much more, can be found on Webfestival 2011 webpages.