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| Published 7. 6. 2011. 16:45 | RSS

CARNet participates in the World IPv6 Day

Wednesday, June 8, 2011, marks the global IPv6 day. It is a global test of implementation of IPv6, ie the world test of IPv6 protocol. Many organizations will enable IPv6 protocol for 24 hours and offer their services over IPv6.

The aim is to motivate organizations, various service providers, as well as hardware and software vendors to prepare their services and products for the IPv6 protocol to ensure a successful transition.

Some of the most prominent organizations involved are Google, Facebook and Yahoo!.

CARNet is involved in the event with its services and web sites that have already been available over IPv6 for several years. In addition to existing services, additional services have been prepared and updated to become available over IPv6 for this event.

CARNet will also participate in the first IPv6 video megaconference which will be held on the occasion of the World IPv6 day.

CARNet services and web sites that are accessible over IPv6 and with which CARNet participates in the World IPv6 day are:

More about this event can be found at: