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| Published 15. 7. 2011. 11:54 | RSS

CARNet's study visit has attracted applications of participants from across Europe

Although CARNet's application for the study visit was accepted last year as part of a public tender within the Lifelong learning programme of the European Commission, a required number of applications was necessary for the study visit to actually be held. The application deadline was 31 March, which was followed by the selection process conducted by the European Commission.

CARNet has recently received the confirmation that fourteen out of the fifteen possible attendants have applied for the study visit.  The attendants are from twelve European countries: Denmark, Finland, France, Italy, Lithuania, Germany, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Spain, Sweden and Great Britain.

The institutions of the attendants include educational institutions, from kindergartens, to schools and universities, as well as state and provincial institutions, research institutes and associations.
During the study visit in October 2011, CARNet will demonstrate to the attendants examples of good practice in the cooperation between educational institutions with an emphasis on the innovative application of ICT technology for the purpose of advancing inter-institutional cooperation.