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| Published 5. 9. 2011. 09:51 | RSS

Beginning of the e-Class Register project

Today, 5 September 2011, with the beginning of the new school year, the new CARNet project, e-Class Register, began, keeping class registers in electronic form. The pilot phase of this project includes 9 freshman classes in three secondary schools; XVth secondary school in Zagreb, Požega secondary school and Medical secondary school of Ante Kuzmanić in Zadar.

70 teachers will enter these classes with tablets with which they will access the e-Register in which they will enter teaching hours, absent students and marks. The application was developed by CARNet and it has all the functionalities of existing class registers with additional functionalities that enable the use of ICT technologies.

Along with the existing functionalities of the paper-based class register, the application will have the added value of a reporting system that will help the teachers in monitoring the students and preparing reports for sessions of the teacher's council. In a quick, simple and reliable way, homeroom teachers, teachers and principals will be able to see various reports on grades and absences, and there will also be the possibility of alarming the homeroom teacher about students with a large number of negative marks or absences and alarming the principal about backlogs in the execution of the curriculum.

An additional advantage will be the prevention of malversations concerning unauthorized entries as well as cases of theft and accidental or intentional destruction of the class register with which schools are sometimes faced. Connecting the e-Class Register with the central e-main registry is planned in order to extract the data from the applications so as to decrease repeated data input.

School principals and pedagogical services employees (school psychologist, pedagogue etc.) will also have access to the application. Teachers will only have access to data concerning their subject, while homeroom teachers and pedagogical services employees will have access to all student data. Students will also have the possibility of viewing their grades and, through them, their parents as well.

In later project phases, the establishment of a repository of teaching preparatory materials is planned. Such materials would be given to all teachers, who could appraise them, and, in agreement with competent agencies, the best materials will be chosen.