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| Published 12. 9. 2011. 10:35 | RSS

The e.Courses for Teaching enriched with new course

CARNet's service e.Courses for Teaching has been enriched with a new online course. is the online course entitled Foundations of the programme for tabular calculation MS Excel 2007. The course is intended for students of secondary schools who have computer science/information science as a regular subject and pupils of elementary schools who have computer science as an elective class.

The course can be used by everyone who want to learn how to use the basic capacities of the MS Excel 2007 programme. The service for use in teaching is intended for computer science teachers in primary and secondary schools, but also to other teaching and science staff of higher education institutions, who wish to enrich traditional forms of education with new forms of learning.

All can be carried out completely online and the teacher takes over the role of the mentor. Depending on the needs and interest of the teacher, can be implemented in classes as additional material for classroom work or only partially carried out online, as a supplement to the standard teaching method (combined the model). In all courses there is a possibility for communication between the teacher and students, and among the students, via forums and electronic mail.

Within each course there are assignments for practice and knowledge assessment with a developed point system, which means that the success in the course, if the teacher wishes it, can be implemented in the final grade in the subject.