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| Published 21. 12. 2011. 10:19 | RSS

Baltazar Portal published

On 21st December 2011, at the address, CARNet Baltazar video portal was initiated, containing the entire pedagogical and educational programme of the Zagreb film.

The Baltazar Portal contents can be accessed only by users with an electronic identity in the AAI@EduHrs system.

On the Portal, 711 video materials placed in 13 categories have been published. Categories are as follows: ecology and environment, physics, the Croatian language, interdisciplinary areas, chemistry, arts/fine arts, history, nature and biology, nature and society, foreign languages, technical education, health and protection and geography.

The Baltazar Portal has been created on the Mediacore open source platform written in Python, and all video materials have been compressed by H.264 codec which is mostly used on the web today. For the purposes of the Portal, Mediacore has been localized, and 465 phrases (1729 words) have been translated, and the translation is available to the opensource community.

The Baltazar Portal is also suitable for mobile platforms and uses HTMLv5 player to display contents.