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| Published 24. 2. 2012. 12:53 | RSS

CARNet's sys.backup service improved

With the purpose of providing additional support to CARNet system engineers in their everyday tasks, CARNet has recently improved its sys.backup service. This CARNet service, which enables remote secure data backup, has been upgraded with new speeds as of today. Data storage has been doubled, from 100 GB to 200 GB, with the two month data retention time remaining unchanged, and a minimum 100 Mbps connection towards the CARNet network still required.

Another novelty is the possibility of receiving e-mail notices on the status of completed backup jobs on a daily basis, and with a new version of the bacula-cn package, this option is enabled as soon as the installation is completed. If you wish to disable this option or to receive your e-mail notices to an address different from that which you indicated when installing the package, please contact us via

Please remember that to all higher education institutions which are CARNet's full members the sys.backup service offers a series of benefits concerning secure data backup. Instead of changing the tapes (cassettes) every day and thus risking an accident, this service enables simple and secure data storage.

Wishing to make this CARNet service even better, we invite you to send your comments and suggestions through the poll at

To find more information on this service go to, which requires you to log in with your AAI@EduHr user name.