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| Published 29. 2. 2012. 12:56 | RSS

Five years of the Schools Portal

On 1 March 2012 CARNet's Schools Portal celebrates its 5th anniversary. First developed as a portal for the presentation of CARNet's services, over the time it became a central place for all current information concerning the primary and secondary schools in the Republic of Croatia.

Thus in the past five years more than 4500 texts in 31 sections have been published on the Portal and more than 4 million visits have been registered. Portal's quality has also been recognised at the regional 2011 WebFest.Me festival where it was included among the three best websites in the Educational Website category. In addition, at the 2008 VIDI Top 100 competition the Schools Portal was included among the 10 best in the Science, Education, Culture, Ecology and Humanism category.

The Schools Portal at represents a web base which contains and regularly releases many useful and interesting information for all students, teachers and parents and everyone interested in the application of technologies in teaching and learning, as well as information on the Croatian school system. Also, all teachers who wish to cooperate with their colleagues from all over Croatia can exchange their knowledge and their digital teaching materials through the Portal.

One of the main tasks of the Schools Portal is to gather, classify and publish digital teaching materials written by primary and secondary school teachers as well as their students. In addition to that, one of the most popular sections is certainly the students' section which contains educational and informative texts, guidelines and advice on learning, but also on spare time planning, and other useful information.

Teacher sections are intended to help them in their everyday work, while parents can find texts and advice on childrearing.

The Schools Portal content is continuously developing, so in the last couple of years the Portal was enriched by new sections, such as the News from the Schools written by teachers, the School Newspaper and the Audio Corner with educational programmes of the Croatian Radio.

During the Portal's five years there were seven competitions for students and teachers, including the annual Spruce Up Your Web! competition.

An anniversary, or a birthday as we like to call it, is also a great opportunity for giving presents, so we created the Birthday Five competition and two quizzes for our visitors, which will take place tomorrow and in which we shall reward our quickest readers.