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| Published 20. 4. 2012. 13:12 | RSS

Apply now for CARNet's 2012 Webfestival competition

As of today, 20 April 2012, you can apply for CARNet's competition intended for Internet content creators and users - the 2012 Webfestival Competition, which deals with a different subject within the contemporary web and ICT world every year. This year it takes place under the slogan "Ready, Steady...Shoot!" and deals with multimedia learning and preparation of educational multimedia content, from video materials, screencasts and podcasts to animations.

Applications will be accepted until 30 September, and eligible projects will include educational projects designed for educational programmes and activities at schools and universities, but also those intended for other types of educational activities, including materials created by individuals and published on the Internet for free use.

Projects will be accepted in two age categories:

  • Young and Creative - up to 18 years of age
  • Masters - over 18.

All interested multimedia content developers can apply to the competition through the online form at and compete for valuable awards.

The accepted multimedia content will be evaluated by a panel of judges. Apart from the award granted according to the judgment of the panel, best multimedia content projects among all projects received in both categories will be selected by public vote.

Webfestival is a supporting event of the CARNet Users Conference – CUC 2012 (, so that the awards will be presented to the winners at the conference, which will be held in Rijeka from 12 to 14 November 2012.

For more information on the 2012 Webfestival, including competition criteria and rules, visit