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| Published 24. 10. 2012. 09:38 | RSS

Invitation to schools to join the e-Class Register

We invite all schools interested in joining the e-Class Register system in the 2013/2014 school year to send CARNet a filled-out application for joining the e-Class Register. The application deadline is 21 December 2012. The e-Class Register is a web application for the management of class records, developed by CARNet. Currently, 33 schools are involved in the project.

The Ministry of Science, Education and Sports has amended the Ordinance on the content and form of diplomas and other government-issued documents and pedagogical documentation and records in school institutions (OG 85/12, August 2012), allowing schools to keep class registers solely in electronic form.

Besides all features of "paper-based“ class registers, the application provides the possibility of the simple and quick creation of various reports and easier monitoring. The e-Class Register is directly connected to the e-main registry and data from the e-main registry is automatically transferred to the e-Class Register at the beginning of the school year, and at the end of the school year, data is transferred back from the register to the main registry.

Out of the additional features, we point out the system that notifies parents about the absence of students via e-mail and the e-Class Register for students with which students can view their grades, notes, absences and the schedule of homework and reading assignments.

You can find the technical prerequisites for getting involved, the application form and all other information at

For additional questions and information, please contact the CARNet educational system support at