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| Published 22. 10. 2012. 09:45 | RSS

CARNet - partner at the INFO fair

From 15 to 17 November 2012, the Zagreb Fair and the Croatian Academic and Research Network (CARNet) will organise, in the conference centre of the Zagreb Fair, the INFO information technology fair, at which CARNet will celebrate the 20th anniversary of Internet in Croatia, and will present its activities through a series of lectures, workshops and round tables.

Along with celebrating 20 years of Internet in Croatia, CARNet will, as part of the fair programme, try to familiarize visitors with the advances that the Internet has brought, primarily in the field of education. Therefore, under the slogan "CARNet > Internet“ (CARNet is more than the Internet), CARNet will present a part of its services intended for members of the school community, but also for other users.

The CARNet programme will include a series of lectures, presentations, interesting events and workshops that will deal with current topics such as digital books, open educational content, virtual identity and the safe use of the Internet and social networks and Internet services.

Of the events, particular emphasis should be given to the celebration of 20 years of the Internet in Croatia, two Fight Clubs that deal with e-books and the 20th anniversary of the Internet in Croatia, an informal training seminar for teachers – a TeachMeet, the first live StudentsMeet - a meeting of students who present ideas and projects and events under the title "Violence is not Cool", in which students will get the chance to discuss violence on social networks with famous persons.

During the fair, visitors will also be able to visit the CARNet demo corner in which they can see demonstrations of the use of various CARNet services and try them themselves on tablets.

CARNet also invites all interested teachers and their students to the fair, as we have ensured free entrance for them with prior online application at

You can find more information about the themes of the INFO 2012 fair and how to apply at