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| Published 9. 7. 2013. 11:39 | RSS

National Information Admission System for Secondary Schools Implemented in Croatia

The results of first e-applications to secondary schools were presented on Monday, 08 July 2013, by Minister of Science, Education and Sports, Željko Jovanović on a press conference held immediately after the conclusion of the final ranking list for the first admission term. After emphasizing that this is one of the most complex and most important projects in the history of the Ministry, the Minister thanked everyone who participated in the implementation of this project.

The figures indicate that 45,672 students submitted their application during the first admission term, out of a total of 46,157 students. As of today, 45,313 students are enrolled in one of the general education programmes, while 1,524 students will have to face the autumn admission term, where 9,748 free spots will be available for them.

During the presentation of detailed data, prof. Vedran Mornar, the e-applications project manager, pointed out that this year's enrolment in the first grade of secondary school once again pointed to the problem of a drastic birth rate decline. As an interesting detail, Mornar pointed out that students who were allowed to choose among ten programmes in five schools changed their priority programmes about 2.5 million times during the selection period.

Talking about the complexity of the project, Zvonimir Stanić, CARNet Chief Executive Officer, pointed out that the system contains more than 10 million data, and CARNet's Helpdesk, which provides help and support to students, parents, school principals and other participants of the process, received 36,630 inquiries. "There were numerous hacking attempts as well, but they were all prevented successfully", Stanić said.

Due to the high number of inquiries to the CARNet's educational system support service, the night-shift was introduced for agents, who replied to a total of 23,699 e-mails, 10,692 telephone calls, 3,038 voicemail messages and 204 fax messages. From a total number of 36,633 inquiries, the night-shift replied to 4,735 of them.

The press conference was closed by Tea Pribolšan, a pupil from Zagreb who marked the start of e-applications by logging into the system. Tea successfully enrolled into the XII high-school in Zagreb, the school of her first choice, which the Minister congratulated her on.

At the end of the conference, Minister Jovanović talked to the CARNet team and once again expressed his satisfaction regarding the successful completion of the project. The whole system is hosted in CARNet and is running on CARNet infrastructure.