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| Published 27. 8. 2013. 08:53 | RSS

CARNet to Implement the Computer and Communication Network of the Croatian Health System

Croatian Academic and Research Network (CARNet), as the institution performing the service of special interest for the Republic of Croatia, and which owns the required IT and communications infrastructure, will, by means of its experience and knowledge, provide the required help in implementation of computer and communication network of the Croatian health system to the Ministry of Health and public institutions under its jurisdiction.

The terms of cooperation in stimulating information and communication technology implementation for the purposes of health system of the Republic of Croatia were defined by the Agreement signed in July 2013 between the Ministry of Health, the Ministry of Science, Education and Sports, the Ministry of Public Administration, the Croatian Institute for Health Insurance, the Croatian Institute for Transfusion Medicine, the Croatian Institute of Emergency Medicine, the Croatian National Institute of Public Health, the Croatian Institute for Telemedicine and CARNet.

According to the Agreement, CARNet will provide all the required help regarding the development, installation and maintenance of network infrastructure to connect the previously mentioned institutions into a single computer and communication health system network of the Republic of Croatia.