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| Published 9. 7. 2013. 08:55 | RSS

CARNet to Participate in "Child Online Safety" Project

In the beginning of August 2013, the realization of "Child Online Safety" project will start. This is the project that won the right to a grant as part of "Further Development and Implementation of the Croatian Qualifications Framework" grant allocation tender, IPA component IV - Human Resources Development.

This project will be led by Elementary school "Veliki Bukovac", and the project partners are Elementary school "Mato Lovrak" from Nova Gradiška, Elementary school "Popovača", Elementary School "Gripe" from Split and Elementary school "Mladost" from Osijek.

CARNet will provide support in the implementation of this project, in cooperation with the Education and Teacher Training Agency, Croatian Personal Data Protection Agency and a series of local institutions and organisations.

During the project, teachers will develop and apply one part of school curriculum regarding the child online safety within the Croatian Qualifications Framework. This school curriculum will be prepared for all elementary school classes and organised in four groups according to the students' age. Development of this curriculum includes the preparation of all required educational contents – manuals, working documents, multimedia contents, interactive games, as well as the policies of acceptable use of Internet and mobile devices. All prepared contents will be made available free of charge, thus providing help to all schools in Croatia in education of children, parents and teachers, as well as the prevention of electronic violence.

This project also aims to improve the educational skills and the competence of teachers in student-centred teaching, improve digital competence of students and develop critical attitude towards the responsible use of Information and Communications Technologies.

In parallel with the preparation of the curriculum, everyone will work together to increase the level of consciousness of students, teachers, parents, local communities and general public regarding the issues pertaining to child online safety.

The project will start by educating the teachers, who will travel for two study visits to Brussels and London, and they will also improve their skills in two five-day workshops in Croatia, led by local and European experts. The education of teachers will cover various European experiences regarding the child safety online, student-centred teaching and learning outcomes according to the Croatian Qualifications Framework.