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| Published 17. 6. 2013. 08:57 | RSS

CARNet Celebrated 10th Anniversary of the E-learning Academy

By a formal half-day event held on 17th June 2013, CARNet - Croatian Academic and Research Network - celebrated 10th anniversary of the E-learning academy, as well as its completion by the 10th generation of attendants enrolled in this education programme.

A total of 495 attendants completed the E-learning academy programme, including 43 attendants from the current generation. Perhaps even more significant fact than the number of attendants who completed the programme is the fact that this programme was attended by people from all counties, i.e. approximately 70 cities and towns in Croatia, and 21 more people joined us from our neighbouring countries: Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Macedonia and Kosovo.

The fact that 12 attendants successfully completed all three courses, and that 29 more attendants completed two courses each, can be viewed as a certification of quality of E-learning academy programme. In the overall structure of attendants, the biggest share consists of employees in primary and secondary schools - tutors, teachers, professional partners and principals. One third of our attendants consists of professors and other university employees, including several deans and the vice-deans.

The E-learning academy was also attended by many people engaged in education in state or other public organisations, as well as the employees in the commercial sector. The majority of attendants joined the programme on their own initiative, but there were a few commendable initiatives by several organisations that sent groups of their employees to this education. It will suffice to name just a few public and private universities, one publishing house and our armed forces, as the examples of organisations that are aware of e-learning potential, striving to apply it in order to ensure high-quality distributed education of their employees.

More info on this anniversary event and the final workshop for attendants can be found here:, and you can also watch the recording of the entire event at CARNet Media on Demand service: