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| Published 11. 11. 2013. 15:11 | RSS

National CERT workshop for the banking sector

On Thursday, 07 November 2013, a workshop was held in the premises of the Croatian National Bank in order to familiarize the credit institutions with the scope of activities of CARNet's National CERT (Computer Emergency Response Team), the activities it performs and changes in relation to the last such workshop, held in May of 2010.

The workshop was intended for information systems security managers of credit institutions in the Republic of Croatia, and gathered almost 50 experts from the field of computer security. Mr. Darko Perhoè, CARNet assistant director for the National CERT, was guest presenter at this workshop.

National CERT is the office for the protection of the public information systems security from computer threats and their prevention in the Republic of Croatia and has been established within CARNet in accordance with the Information Security Act. The National CERT, among other things, coordinates procedures in case of safety computer incidents in public information systems occurring in the Republic of Croatia, or in other countries and organisations, when they are related to the Republic of Croatia.

The workshop, among other things, presented the function of National CERT, incident trends on the Internet in the last year in the Republic of Croatia, current practice and experiences of communication of National CERT and credit institutions, possibilities of CERT in incident responses and the practices of CERT in relation to data privacy protection.

A special topic of the workshop was the presentation of the Advanced Cyber Defence Center project (ACDC) within the European Union. Attendants were invited to actively participate in the cooperation with the Centre, carried out by CARNet and the CARNet National CERT within the framework of a project in the Republic of Croatia.