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| Published 22. 11. 2013. 10:50 | RSS

A Successful Launch of the EU-Funded Early-Phase Pilot Project within the Framework of the Advanced Cyber Defence Centre

The Croatian Academic and Research Network - CARNet, in cooperation with other partners, has successfully become involved in the implementation process of the early-phase pilot project within the framework of the Advanced Cyber Defence Centre (ACDC).

The individual components of the system developed by CARNet and its project partners were successfully tested in the middle of October as part of the early-phase pilot project.

The early phase of the pilot was thereby initiated, consisting of test components that started submitting data to the test central clearing house, the central system component that is at the core of this project.

The success of the early-phase pilot is a prerequisite for further development of the system, its upgrades and adjustments, as well as for the realisation of one of the main goals of the project – an efficient combat against botnets.

By means of a number of actions, CARNet is working on the introduction and safe use of ICT in the academic and educational community in Croatia. A result of the acknowledgment of that role is CARNet's engagement in this project supported by the EU.