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| Published 20. 2. 2014. 12:09 | RSS

ACDC workshop for the academic community

On February 20 2014, a workshop for the representatives of the academic community in the Republic of Croatia was held in CARNet in order to present the Advanced Cyber Defence Center, a joint project of 28 partners from 14 European countries with the aim of fighting botnets.

The Advanced Cyber Defence Centre is an important part of the EU computer safety strategy and the first initiative was started in the context of computer safety strategy in the EU. This project will enhance the safety of networks and systems regarding botnets and malware.

Participating in this project will enable the academic and science and research community to fight more efficiently against botnets in the Republic of Croatia with the help of new knowledge and technologies that will be at their disposal for further implementation in practice.

More information about the project can be found at the following webpages: