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| Published 26. 2. 2014. 12:14 | RSS

20 years of the portal ''WWW.HR – the home page of Croatia''

"WWW.HR - the home page of Croatia" is a project sponsored by The Croatian Academic and Research Network - CARnet, carried out at the Department of Telecommunications of the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing (FER) of the University in Zagreb.

The following speakers discussed the cooperation of CARnet and FER on the project, and the general cooperation of the two institutions:

  • Prof. Nedjeljko PeriŠ, PhD., dean at FER
  • Zvonimir StaniŠ, M.Sc. in Engineering, CARNet CEO
  • Prof. Ignac Lovrek, PhD., first project leader of WWW.HR and
  • Marin VukoviŠ PhD., project leader of WWW.HR.

The project provides two services: the home page of the Republic of Croatia and the official CARNet catalogue of web servers in Croatia. The home page of the Republic of Croatia has basic information about Croatia and various subjects such as the constitution, economy, history, culture, sport and geography. The website is in both English and Croatian.

The web server catalogue holds a list of web servers located in Croatia or related to Croatia.  At the moment, the catalogue holds over 25,000 active servers in 745 categories and subcategories.

The project was started at the Department of Telecommunications by a few enthusiastic teaching assistants in 1994, when the Internet consisted of only a few hundred sites in total. This was how the Republic of Croatia was to be presented in the coming digital age. In its very beginning, the project offered basic information about Croatia, as well as an interactive map, one of the first of its kind in the world.

In time, as the Internet became more popular, there were more and more websites in Croatia and WWW.HR offered the service of a catalogue of the Croatian web. In the start of May 1996, WWW.HR became a project of CARnet and prof. Ignac Lovrek, PhD. became the first project leader. With the development of the Internet, WWW.HR follows the trends and offers its services to new domains in the Croatian online space and to end users who use the catalogue more and more for browsing the Internet.

Today, 20 years after its establishment, WWW.HR offers mobile device applications to users, transferring the traditional functions of WWW.HR to mobile devices, making them more accessible to all users. At the moment, applications for the Apple iOS and Android operating systems are available, and they can be downloaded from corresponding shops by typing the keywords "" in the search engine.

In addition to mobile device applications, on WWW.HR's 20th birthday, the website was redesigned and a new website management system was developed that, in addition to existing functions, offered the service of entering the locations of websites registered in the catalogue. Location represents an aspect of catalogue personalization for the users and it will make location dependent browsing possible and deliver the most helpful information.

The goal of the WWW.HR project is to continue following and anticipating trends and try to adapt its contents to the users and in general improve the services offered by WWW.HR. This is done through student work and research carried out at the Department of Telecommunication of the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing of the University in Zagreb.